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Our hand-picked developers are rigorously screened to ensure the success of your project. Our screening process tests a candidate’s Shopify skills and English language fluency, and then our matching team evaluates each candidate to ensure a professional background and good cultural fit with your company.

You will have an opportunity to interview developer candidates in the first 72 hours of posting a job with us.

No Risk, 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Tell us about your project, timelines, skills needed, and more and we will present you with candidates to interview within 72 hours.

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Hourly Engagements

$40 / Hour

Developers track their time using HubStaff.

Part Time Engagements

$38 / Hour

20 hours per week. Dedicated to your team, part time.

Save 5%

Full Time Engagements

$36 / Hour

40 hours per week. Dedicated to your team, full time.

Save 10%

Billed and invoiced weekly. Change your plan at any time. No commitment necessary.
Changes take effect the following Monday.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your developer, contact us within 7 days of beginning an engagement and we will either find you a new developer you like or you won’t be billed.

Roderick Richards

CEO of SoftBench

“That’s our promise. You don’t risk anything when you hire a SoftBench developer.”

Our Vetting Process

English(Spoken & Written)

Technical Skills

Professional Background

Hobbies & Interests



English Language (Spoken & Written)

All candidates must pass a spoken and written English language proficiency test to be qualified for SoftBench.

Technical Skills

Our developer candidates are rigorously screened to ensure they possess impressive knowledge of the Shopify platform. The screening process involves technical interviews, skills tests, and an in-depth resume review. We also ensure that candidates are up to date with the latest Shopify technology and standards.


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Liquid


  • Shopify API integrations
  • Headless Shopify
  • Shopify app development

Shopify Admin BPO

Professional Background

Our hiring team performs an in-depth review of each candidate’s resume and background ensuring high-quality and relevant professional experience.

Hobbies & Interests

We work hard to understand what motivates our team by learning about their hobbies, interests, and life in general. We know that a well-rounded and three-dimensional person is the best contributor in a professional setting.


Our hiring team performs an in-depth review of each candidate’s resume and background ensuring high quality and relevant professional experience.


We utilize proven assessments to understand the unique values and goals of each member of our team. By doing so, we’re able to ensure a fulfilling, positive, and balanced experience for our clients and team members.

Why You’ll Love Working With SoftBench

Available During US Business Hours on a Consistent Daily Schedule

Works with Your Productivity Tools & Process

Colorado-based Client Support Team

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